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Welcome to ANODOS

ANODOS (Greek)-n,growth delivers Management Consultancy Services in the business and IT domains that result in growth in the performance or capability of an organisation. Typically such a step change will be achieved through innovative use of Information Technology and manifest as one or a combination of:

Large scale cost reduction
Additional revenue generators
Substantial service time reduction
Significant service quality improvements
ANODOS style is to work with its clients to achieve a Vision of the change in process, technology, competencies, and organisation (with a supporting business case), that will together result in a step change in performance. ANODOS also provides implementation support, where needed, to assist the client in driving through the change, and if required, will take complete ownership for Change Management.

ANODOS also provides a range of Assessment and Recovery services. These are typically deployed against business or IT Functions or Programmes that are perceived not to be performing optimally.

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